My name is Ethan Einhorn, and I’m a 15-year industry veteran. I started my career in editorial, writing video games reviews, and then moved into game publishing, where I spent time in marketing, production, creative direction, and live ops positions.


This is the third time I have changed the name of this site, as I’m trying to figure out the best way to communicate to readers, who I presume will be a mix of industry folks and video game enthusiasts. The site’s first name was “videogammemories.wordpress.com”. I like the memory angle, but the wordpress add-on was clunky. So I shifted to spendcappedgaming.com. This clearly defined what I am most interested in – spend-capped games, but it sounded like a business site, not something fun.

So… I settled on gamingunicorn.com. It’s easy to remember. It reflects my name (“Einhorn”is literally translated as “unicorn” in German). And it allows me to celebrate a “Unicorn Game of the Month”, which will henceforth defined as the following:

  • Was released in that month
  • Review score of A- or better
  • No virtual currency
  • No option to directly purchase blind packs

The ultimate in quality and white-hat gaming.


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